anal plug incontinence – anal plugs require diaper changes for better anal hygiene

One of the most embarrassing and uncomfortable conditions that a woman can have is anal plug incontinence. It occurs when the anal muscles involuntarily contract when a woman has an urge to have a bowel movement. This type of fecal matter can be very irritating and it may even make you feel ashamed to visit the bathroom. If you suffer from anal plug incontinence, then you need to get to the doctor immediately, learn more. The sooner you treat this condition, the better.

Although anal plug is not a dangerous disease in itself, you still need to take necessary precautions to protect your health. A diet rich in fiber is always advisable so that the waste matter can be passed out of your body easily. Having anal intercourse is also one way of keeping your bowels in good shape. Having a regular bowel movement means that there are fewer straining, less anal discharge, and less anal plugs to worry about.

If you are worried about anal plug incontinence, you should consider wearing cotton panties. This will help you keep your anal region clean and dry. Another good thing to do is to use toilet paper that is pre-moistened. There are disposable tissues that you can buy at any drug store. Just remember that if you wash them often, then you may not need to use them anymore. Another option is to use an adult diaper.

In addition to preventing anal plug from causing discomfort, you can also do something about it. There are several ways on how to unstop the involuntary contractions. One of the best options is through the use of antidepressants or laxatives. You should never forget that stress is the main culprit for this problem. So it is important that you try to relax yourself as often as possible.

The only way that anal plug can be totally eliminated is when it is surgically removed. However, there is a possibility that it can reoccur. It is highly possible that you can develop anal capacitance or weak anal muscles due to the excessive stretching of the butt plug. The most common manifestation of this condition is a constant squeezing sensation that makes you feel like having an urgent bowel movement.

The only solution to anal plug incontinence is through the use of adult diapers. Remember that prevention is still better than cure so you should take steps to prevent yourself from experiencing this embarrassing and uncomfortable condition. Keep in mind that if you are suffering from anal plug because of an old age, it is best to consult your doctor first before taking drastic measures. With the help of your doctor, you can already enjoy the benefits of wearing adult diapers. Learn more from

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